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ELECTRIQUE focuses on the integration of your electric vehicle with a Solar PV installation, and the necessary charging infrastructure to charge your vehicle with 100% self-generated solar energy. Surplus solar energy can be stored in a stationary battery for night-use or fed back into the grid. Hence you reduce your energy bill and maximise the use of own solar energy. 
electric vehicle, charging station, battery storage, solar PV, charging, no emissions

Battery Electric Vehicle

Charging Station

Battery Storage


Solar PV system


1.  During daytime sunlight shines on building roof.
2. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.
3. Electricity flows into the electric vehicle via charging station.
4. Any surplus electricity is stored in the battery storage, or can be used by other household appliances.
5. If battery is fully charged, electricity is sold back to grid for a feed-in tariff.
6. At night required electricity is taken from battery storage or from grid.
7. Customer receives money for the solar feed-in, and only pays for the share of grid electricity.

ELECTRIQUE offers consultation, sales and  integration of all necessary system components.


So you can lean back and relax.

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